Yoga in your School

We currently serve over 600 students each week throughout Miami Dade and Broward Counties. We offer different services which are integrated as part of the school curriculum as well as an extra curriculum activity or after school program. Every school is different, and we have the ability to customize our services around each schools’ needs. 

We live in times that can be unbelievably stressful. The amount of information coming at us, kids and adults alike, can be debilitating. We—again, kids and adults alike— are scheduled in ways that are unsustainable. And not only are things changing at an exponential rate; the rate of that change itself is changing more quickly than humans are designed to process.

All of this can easily lead to toxic stress, the kind of stress where life's demands consistently outpace our ability to cope with those demands.

In students, it impairs attention, emotion, sleep, learning, attitudes, mood regulation, mental and physical health. In educators, it does all this and also decreases productivity and creativity and can easily escalate to burnout.

Happy Warriors Yoga has developed a methodology that not only explains mindfulness and its connection with the brain and emotions to kids, but actually lets them experience it for themselves! In fact, a Happy Warriors Yoga class uses structure, themes, and activities in such a way that the class unfolds in a sequence designed to allow children to experience and understand the mind-body-emotions connection.

Please send us an email if you are interested in exploring a partnership with us.

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