Workshops for Educators

How can you create a positive environment while teaching and making sure that your students retain the information you provide? How can you manage chaotic moments during class, while remaining balanced and assertive?

Join the movement! Mindfulness for a Happier and Healthier teacher. One of the core principles of Happy Warriors Yoga is the concept that a mindful classroom begins with the teacher. Teaching and modeling mindfulness techniques to youth is most effective when it stems from a base of personal practice. The importance of establishing a personal mindfulness practice is the only way to support this principle. Our aim is to equip teachers with the knowledge and tools they need to practice mindfulness in a safe and supportive way.


Class management is among the many challenges that teachers face each day. We will provide strategies for classroom management and behavior regulation as well as the best practices for mindfulness in the classroom.

During our Educators Workshops, teachers and school staff will learn mindful techniques that can be included during their daily routines, while staying positive during challenging classroom situations. We can offer workshops during teachers planning days, and cater to the school’s needs accordingly.

To schedule a meeting or to request more information, please send us an email.

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