Thank you Happy Warriors team!! I have a funny anecdote for you! Daddy got Jason a very classy jacket and shirt for his birthday. After he put it on to try it Daddy asked him to pose (for a picture). Jason thought a few second, threw himself on the floor and did...the shark pose πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ When Daddy said no, not that kind of pose Jason turned around and proudly did...the flower pose πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚And from there as we were all holding our bellies laughing he showed us all the poses he remembered...all the variations of the tree, warrior, down dog...with his brand new shirt and jacket on! Needless to say we'll sign him up again for the next term πŸ‘πŸ½ Esther McIntosh

One sentence I would say about yoga is that Monika knows how to make yoga the funnest thing in the world! U make me very relaxed, and U helped me w friendship and the problems that I have in school and everywhere else! My name is Sienna, and I am a yoga student at Bodhi Zenz. I have so much fun in ur classes and will be sure to do it next year😘😊

Our 5 year old daughter has been taking a weekly Happy Warriors Yoga class for a year at school and she loves it! She has learned the mantra "Peace Begins with Me" and will take breaks to breathe every once in a while, which is priceless. Ann Anderson

Dear Happy Warriors Yoga, thank you for introducing yoga to my two daughters! They come back home after class all exited about what they have learned and eager to share with us their knowledge. We have seen numerous benefits on their concentration skills and capacity to stay calm on stressful situations. And they really enjoy their time while in class!! I believe the method used really appeal for my daughters even though they are 3 years apart. Yoga is now a part of our family life. We have actually learned quite a bit with our girls, thanks to your amazing classes!! All the best, Denise Carvalho and Cesar Braga

Happy Warriors Yoga is amazing, my 13 year old daughter loves to go to Monika's classes.  She is learning not only relaxing and yoga poses but also to be a better person and how to deal with all the pressure that our teenagers are now expose to. Lilian Soeda

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