Mindfulness, not Detention

Detention has been proven to be an unsuccessful technique to improve behavior in children and adolescents. Principals and teachers are frustrated with the lack of effectiveness after a child or adolescent spends endless hours detained.


In fact, most of the times the kids that end up in detention are the same ones being detained over and over again. Maybe at some point the detention time was meant to be a time to reflect on one’s bad choices and disruptive behavior. The problem with that is that children and adolescents don’t know how to reflect unless you teach them how to. Sitting in a room in silence will not promote behavior change.


Based on those observations, Happy Warriors Yoga developed an innovative program called “Reflection time”. 


We support children and adolescents to develop social and emotional skills so they can learn how to manage their emotions, develop compassion, empathy and build healthy relationships.


There are many things happening in their bodies and brains that affect deeply their emotions and behaviors. We explain to the students what is happening with their brains, which will help them become self-aware of their own emotions.


We offer them tools to handle stressful situations, to help with impulse control and ultimately with self-regulation. We teach them techniques to manage their stress, anxieties, frustrations, fears, anger, worries at home, school, sports, and all their environments.

Through our mindfulness program, reflection becomes natural for kids and they transformed their behavior. Our intention is to help them become more conscious, respectful and compassionate human beings.


We will be happy to come to your school, send us an email requesting a meeting.

We are honored and proud to be one of the pioneers in the Broward County area, together with Aventura City of Excellence School, to replace "detention" with "reflection time".

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