Meet the founders

    Monika Gressier

    After many years of a fast paced career, Monika decided to jump into the practice of yoga to embark on a journey of body and mind. More than 15 years of practicing different yoga styles such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Anusara and Vinyasa led Monika to complete her 200-hour yoga teacher's certification and a 95-hour children's yoga teacher certification. Monika aims her teachings towards centers specializing in people with disabilities, children, seniors, and anyone seeking to heal their mind body and soul.

    Andrea Correia

    Andrea was born in Brazil and has almost 20 years of experience accumulated in a well succeeded corporate career. After her son was born in 2012 she decided to change her life towards something meaningful to her. Andrea's deep passion for yoga showed her a path to work with kids, a strong call that arose after her son was born. By supporting kids to connect their bodies, minds and emotions, Andrea found a way to contribute to a better world in the future. Andrea has a 200-hour yoga teacher's certification and a 95-hour children's yoga teacher certification. Andrea teaches adults and kids in Miami. 

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