Mindfulness for Children & Teens With Special Abilities

Happy Warriors Yoga teaches mindfulness and yoga to ALL children ALL teens.


We believe in inclusion, and embracing every child and teen with different abilities. Our approach enforces a positive attitude on the parts of parents and educators helping kids overcome obstacles that emerge.


Recent studies have shown the benefits or mindfulness for children with special needs, giving kids awareness about their bodies and what is happening inside of themselves, emotionally and physically as well as paying attention to their surroundings.


We teach kids tools to cope with anxiety and anger management, while reminding them to pause and breath as they learn to manage their impulses.


The experience for kids in this type of class brings a sense of joy, as we encourage them to practice non-judgment towards themselves and others.


We count with teachers specialized and licensed in trauma and mental health.  We offer individual and group sessions. 


To schedule a class or learn more about our classes, send us an email.

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