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The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted almost every aspect of our lives. Our routines were abruptly affected, and we are still learning and improving the way we work, study, and live our lives more steadily. It's natural for both adults and children to feel anxiety, nervousness, and insecurity when facing a crisis like this one.


- Mindfulness and yoga practices can be extremely helpful for children and teens to cope with routine and responsibilities


By incorporating mindfulness and yoga practices into children’s daily routines, we can help them calm anxiety and build healthy coping skills. For children, learning to recognize and manage emotions can have a beneficial impact on behavior, mood, and brain development. On top of that, being seated in front of the computer for the entire day makes it even more essential to get their bodies moving. They are young and full of energy! We offer a balanced combination of mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, and body movement activities. These practices facilitate children to learn how to soothe their nervous systems, improve focus and concentration, better control their impulses, and manage their emotions in a healthier way. Our classes will positively influence activities off the yoga mat and within the child’s household and their school-related affairs.



- About online classes


In order to alleviate anxiety and bring a sense of normalcy within each family, we offer classes online to bring continuation, support, and aid to all children and parents through this difficult time.


Our certified and qualified teachers will be offering the kids an opportunity to breathe, relax, do yoga poses, release stress and tension, and also have fun during these challenging times.


Through online classes, Happy Warriors Yoga engages kids by taking them on theme adventures, where they will use their imagination and escape to a world of fantasy!


- Online Services:

  • Mindful times or brain breaks - 15 minutes, once or twice a day

 The goal of brain breaks for kids is to help their brains shift focus for a few moments, by breathing and moving the body a bit. It will increase the blood flow to the brain, which helps with focus and staying alert. Brain breaks during the day reduce stress and increase attention and productivity. 


  • Mindfulness/yoga classes - 30 to 45 minutes classes

Happy Warriors Yoga program includes breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, yoga poses, games, storytelling, and relaxation. We use creative movement, music, instruments, and smart brain toys, to create a joyful and engaging environment. The classes have a structured routine that respects each age group and its brain developmental stage. 


  • Private classes (individual and groups) - 30 to 45 minutes classes

Experience our program according to your schedule and convenience. The class can be design according to your needs and goals. If you want, you can create your own group by inviting your friends. 


  • Family yoga - 30 to 45 minutes classes

This can be a wonderful opportunity for the entire family to do an activity together, do mindful practices, breathing exercises, move the bodies, and have some fun family time! Children, teens, and adults can benefit 

- Planning for class:


We will be using Zoom, which can be downloaded and accessed on the phone, iPad, or computer. All the child will need is the link bellow to join the class (and a yoga mat if available!). Please try to connect 5-10 minutes prior to class so we make sure we have time to fix any technical issues.


We ask parents and guardians to make sure that the student has enough space at home to move the body safely - ideally using a yoga mat, but it is not mandatory. We encourage parents to explain to their kids that all they need to do is follow directions and that they do not need to touch the device for anything other than class.


We advise to free the use of Wi-Fi from other devices during class to allow optimal connection while streaming.


Sign up for classes today! We are confident that we can help your child or teen by teaching important self-awareness and self-regulating skills, which are forever life-long skills! With Happy Warriors Yoga, we ensure they will learn all this while having lots of fun!


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