Workshops for Parents

After a long and demanding day, every parent deserves to relax at home with their beloved family.  However, this can prove difficult when a peaceful environment at home may not be as easily accessible.


We are constantly challenged by our day-to-day obligations, let alone surprises that we don't expect. From the moment we wake up, we start thinking about the next thing we must do and achieve. We may hear hungry kids asking for breakfast; we have to feed the dogs, prepare lunch for everyone, clean the house and clean ourselves. We have to put gas in the car, drop by the cleaners, deposit a check, answer the phone to a family member who wants to complain to you, fight with the insurance company for a charge you did not incurred….and so on and so on. All this might happen before we have to arrive at work.


We will carry on throughout the day, on auto pilot mode and may not be able to be coherent; by the time we get back home we must be ready and alert to attend to our family, in a long run this is not sustainable.  Ideally parents should arrive home, calm and ready to be present with their kids.


Happy Warriors workshop for parents, will teach you techniques for self-care and tactics to cultivate your own mindful practices. We will also share different tools for dealing with the home setting and help you manage behavior in a more positive and compassionate way. We will help you integrate mindfulness practices into the home routine: to promote a healthier environment for the entire family.

If you are interested in joining our Parents Workshop, please send us an email.

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