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Mindfulness, not Detention

Mindfulness is definitely a new and much more positive way to serve detention for misbehaving students. Pre-teens and teens experience an intense growth: physical, emotional, and intellectual. There are many things happening in their bodies and their brains that affect deeply their emotions and behaviors.

Today we have the opportunity to access brand new neurological researches about their brain development and it is important to share this information with them. When pre-teens and teens become aware of these events, it is much easier for them to understand why sometimes it is so hard to control some impulses, to avoid taking some risks, and to make the right choices. We present the students with tools to feel more self-aware of their behavior and actions, to better handle stressful situations, to help with impulse control and to ultimately learn how to self-regulate. Our intention is to guide them with these yoga and mindfulness techniques to become more conscious, respectful and compassionate human beings.

We are honored and proud to be one of the pioneers in the Broward County area, together with Aventura City of Excellence School, to replace "detention" with "reflection time".