Baby and Me Classes

This class can be taught for parents with little babies and/or toddlers. It's a wonderful opportunity for mom, dad, or any other caregiver to socialize, and is also excellent for the baby or toddler to develop new skills.


We like to call the class Baby and Me (not Mommy and Me) to encourage dads and other caregivers to come to class. These kinds of classes focus on both parents/caregivers and baby/toddler. The yoga poses are modified in a way the adults can practice while holding and rocking their babies. The result is time dedicated to bonding.


Baby and Me classes are also a wonderful way to support the emotional well-being of the adult. Raising a child is stressful, and yoga can help ease new-parent jitters as well as afford parents/caregivers the opportunity to nourish and care for their own bodies through focused stretches and mindful breathing exercises


To schedule a class or learn more about our classes, send us an email.

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